Exquisite, Compact & Portable Design

Ergonomic design, secure fit, no troublesome wires from tangling or around your neck. The ultra lightweight SANSO DuoPods, start enjoy your wireless life with Our new Bluetooth DuoPods .

Exquisite, Compact & Portable Design
Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

It can connect with different kinds of Bluetooth supportive devices simultaneously, and it would connect automatically with a phone paired previously. Ergonomically shaped SANSO DuoPods provide long time comfortable wearing & Compatible with All Kinds of Devices.

  • Smart TV
  • Android OS
  • iOS devices
  • Windows OS

One Touch Control - Automatic Connection

Listening to the Songs with full control, Answer the Calls, Reject the calls, Remind the Phone number, the Last Call Back, and Intelligent English Voice Prompt

  • Power On/Off
  • Answer
  • Redial
  • Reject Calls
  • Play
  • Pause
One Key Control - Automatic Connection

SANSO DuoPods Charging details

SANSO Airpods Charging details
  • 45mAh DuoPods Battery
  • 2-3HTalk Time
  • 2-3HMusic
  • 100HStandby Time
  • 1HCharging Time

SANSO Charging Box

The charging of the Box is as simple as you connect the Box with USB cable. That’s it. The LED Dsiplay on the front of the Box lets you know that your Charging Box is charging. It is easy to Store and you can Wirelessly charge the SANSO DuoPods Multiple times to enjoy the rhythm of life.

SANSO Charging Box
  • 380mAh

    Excellent Battery

  • 24 Hours

    Long time Battery Life

  • 1 Hour

    Charging Time of Charging Case

  • 100 Hours

    StandBy Time

SANSO DuoPods Details

SANSO DuoPods deliver an unparalleled wireless earphone experience. Simply take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect immediately, immersing you in Rich, High-Quality Sound. Just like magic.

  • Bluetooth v4.2

    Excellent performance with latest version of Bluetooth.

  • Strong Signal

    Devices can be connected in a wide range of 10-18 meters

  • Powerful Bass

    Enjoy music, movies & games with Powerful Bass Sound.

  • Noise Cancellation Technology

    CVC Active Noise Cancellation reduces distortion during calls & absorbs internally reflected sound waves to give the Best Voice quality.

  • 3D Stereo Surround Sound

    Enjoy the HiFi Audio playback.

  • High Quality Microphone

    Delivers the high quality clean & clear voice.

  • Compatibility

    Smart TV, Android OS, Windows OS, iOS, MP3/MP4 and Vehicle (support bluetooth)

  • Portable

    Light weight & easy to carry.

Product specifications

Key Features

  • Bluetooth

    Version 4.2

  • Transmission Distance

    10-18m wide range

  • Smart Features

    Extra Bass, One Touch Listening, High-Quality Microphone, 3D Stereo Surround Sound, Hiss-Free Noise Cancellation Technology, HD Clean & Clear Audio Playback, Voice Prompts

  • Button functions

    Switching on/off, Answer/reject the call, hang up, Redial (last number), play, pause & replaying music

  • Modes

    Single & Binaural Ear mode for convenience.

  • Low Battery Prompt

    When batery is going to end, it sounds the low battery prompt.

  • Smart Compatibility

    Smart TV, Android OS, Windows OS, iOS, MP3/MP4 and Vehicle (support bluetooth)

Technical Specifications

  • Model

    SANSO BE300

  • Style


  • Communication


  • Bluetooth Version


  • Transmission Distance

    10-18 meters

  • Bluetooth Class

    Class 2

  • Frequency Band


  • DuoPods Battery

    45mAh, Polymer Lithium Battery

  • Charging Box Battery

    380 mAh

  • Talk Time

    2 Hours

  • Music

    2 Hours

  • Standby Time

    100 Hours

  • Charging Time

    1-2 Hour

  • Charging Voltage


  • Support


  • DuoPods Size

    15 x 45mm

  • Charging Box Size

    50 x 60mm

  • Color


Method & Functions

  • Pairing Method

    Long press the DuoPods' button, the blue light flashing is the normal pairing mode. After booting, don not release the button & continue to press for three seconds until blue light flashes rapidly. At this time, the prompt sounds "pairing" then enter the binaural pairing state. After successful pairing, the blue light flashes slowly.

  • Button Functions

    Long press to boot, long press to turn off, Click Music pause/ play/ call answer/ hang up phone call, double click next song.

  • DuoPods Charging Indicator

    DuoPods Red light is on when battery is dead. Red light is off when the battery is full

  • Charging Box Indicator

    When the charging box is charging the DuoPods:
    The Green LED light on the Charging box flashes
    The Green LED light goes out when the DuoPods battery is full

    When charging the Charging box:
    The Green LED light on the Charging box flashes
    The Green LED lights up when the battery of Charging Box is full


  • Includes

    Charging Cable, Charging Box & Warranty Card


  • Certification